Don’t let learner drivers drive your car unaccompanied

Motorists could face huge fines or prison if learner drivers use their cars.

Recent laws are clamping down on learner drivers and the people who allow them to use their cars. Numerous of parents allow their son or daughter to use their car under a learner permit. Although now the car owner will also be responsible for ensuring learners drive under their rights.

The new laws approved by the Cabinet say that motorists that allow their cars to be used by an unaccompanied learner driver could be issued fines up to €2,000 or up to 6 months in prison.

The law is expected to lower the number of crashes caused by learner drivers and less learner drivers will take to the roads without a full licensed passenger.

Some motorists believe the law is unfair as they may not always be aware. They may be misled to believe that a leaner driver is being accompanied. Although the law will force motorists to be more informed about other people using their car.

According to RTE, the Road Traffic Amendment follows an examination of the law in this area by the Attorney General Seamus Woulfe.

The amendment will form part of the new Road Traffic Bill. This is set to move to committee stage in the Oireachtas in the coming weeks.

Gardaí will also have the power to seize vehicles driven by unaccompanied drivers.

The law was pushed after a high profile Irish campaign. The campaign was by a number of victims from road crashes who protested that further restrictions need to be put in place for learner drivers.

While it is unclear exactly how many people will be affected by the incoming rules. The latest Garda and Road Safety Authority figures show more than 10,600 fixed penalty points notices were issued to unaccompanied drivers in 2017.

The law being issued is also due to the latest Road Safety Authority figures. Which show that of the 12 fatal road crashes involving learner drivers last year, 10 were unaccompanied learner drivers.

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