5 signs your car service is due

Buying a car is a big investment. Outside of the cost of the car itself, you also have tax, insurance and NCT fees to consider. For many people, the thought of bringing their car in for a service every 6 or 12 months even though nothing is wrong, seems like a waste of money. However, it’s so important to look after this big investment you’ve made. A car service should be considered as preventative maintenance. You are more likely to find potential issues and get on top of them early, rather than being hit with a huge bill when it all goes wrong. A regularly serviced engine is less likely to give problems, whereas one that’s never been serviced could result in a big bill. It could even mean you’ll need to completely replace the car. So how do you know when your car service is due? Here are five signs to look out for:

Service alerts

Most modern cars will give you an alert when your next service is due, or how many miles/kilometers are to go until it is. Just be sure to ask your mechanic to update the on-board computer when they complete a service so that it’s accurate. Each model will have different recommended intervals for a service, depending on engine size. Your mechanic will often also leave a sticker on your windscreen or dash that advises at what mileage your next service is due.

Check the service history and manual

If your car is second-hand, check the service history to see how often it was serviced. You should also consult your owner’s manual which will give detailed recommendations based on the specifications of your car.

Warning lights

Keep an eye out for warnings on your dashboard regarding things like oil, brake fluid, or the engine warning light. Regular checks will ensure that everything is running smoothly and identify any potential issues.

Know how your car should ‘feel’

When you get used to driving your car, you’ll get a feel for what’s right and what isn’t. Unusual vibrations, pulling in a particular direction, or any unusual noises are always worth checking out with your mechanic and may be a sign that your car needs a service.

car service

Before your NCT

This will be the most common time that people book in a car service, however you should always maintain a regular servicing schedule to ensure your car is always running smoothly and not just ahead of your test. Let your mechanic know that your NCT is coming up, so they can do a full service with thorough checks of your lights, tyres, brakes and more. It can help to pull up any potential issues that would cause a failure in the NCT.

New Ireland Motors are specialists in car servicing in Dublin, and our expert team of mechanics will ensure your car is running at top performance. Remember, servicing your car regularly can help you avoid unforeseen costs, and a full service history can also add value should you choose to sell your car in the future. Contact us today to book your next car service!