Some of our tips and tricks for your car.

Are you thinking of restoring a vintage car? Why not speak to one of our experts. We have restored several cars in previous years. Here is a series of “before” and “after” photos of the 1964 Austin Vandenplas Limousine that we recently restored. The restoration included:

  • Fully reconditioning the
    • Engine,
    • Gearbox
    • Back axle
  • Complete rust removal, interior and exterior panel renewal
  • Complete bare metal respray.
  • Every chrome part completely re-chromed.
  • New soft leather interior, beige fitted carpets and walnut veneer refurbishment.

Pre-restoration photos


New Ireland Service and repair have many corporate and sdmall business owners as satisfied owners. See out fleet page for more information.

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Drop us a line at any stage for a competitive quote. Testimonials are available on request.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to panic when you see an engine light on your dash. However, the reason for its illumination can vary in degree from unimportant to extremely serious hop over to this web-site.The engine light illuminates when the ECU or electronic brain in your car determines that there is a fault with a mechanical component in your car. The only way to extinguish this light is to connect a diagnostic computer to the car and delete the fault. One of our trained technicians will be able to diagnose the fault and explain why the engine light has come on.

We recommend that you bring your car to us straight away if you see an engine warning light. We won’t charge you anything for a diagnosis. If you have a warning light illuminated on the dash of your car, it will fail an NCT.


How much will it cost to repair my car?

Different repairs require different methods and techniques. Prices of car repairs will vary on a case to case basis, factors which will influence the price include; area damaged, extent of damage, car make and model, parts needed to be replaced, car colour and other factors. For this reason we recommend that our customers drop in and we will have a technician look at your car and provide you with a free estimate.

What must I do to make a repair claim from my insurance/another persons insurance?

Don’t worry we will handle all this. All you need to do is provide us with the relevant insurance details and we will look after your insurance claim free of charge. We will also look after arranging a replacement car while you wait for your car to be repaired.

Why is my insurance company insisting on using their repair centre? [...]
Spray Painting

At New Ireland the final stage of repairing your vehicle is to make your paint work look and feel showroom new.  Our expert car painters have been trained by some of the industries leading car manufactures and will make sure your car comes back showroom new.

The art of vehicle spray painting is a complex and a process. This process involves techniques of colour identification, matching, mixing, blending and the precision and skills of a well trained spray painter and the equipment behind them. Many people believe that good paint jobs can be accomplished with retail paints and aerosol paint cans, but without the right equipment and skills of a qualified spray painter these methods usually result in botched jobs.


Paint Restoration

Sometimes customers ask us about respraying their car’s paint work because it has gone flat and faded. This is a common paint problem with red coloured cars (in particular), especially ones which have not [...]


Remain calm. You must fill out an accident report in order to provide the information that will be necessary to make a claim.

Contact us, as well as your insurer.

Even if the accident seems minor:

  1. Find out if anyone is injured, if so call the emergency services and avoid moving a severely injured person
  2. Never leave the scene of an accident before either contacting An Garda Siochana or filling out an accident report.
  3. Get to a safe spot, out of the traffic.
  4. Try to protect the scene. If necessary, move your vehicle to avoid blocking traffic.

Our experienced customer-friendly staff can assist with the claims process to minimise any inconvenience.

We invoice your insurance company directly so there is no cost to you, the customer.  You are entitled to have your vehicle repaired at a garage of your choice.

Occasionally, we can absorb your [...]

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) have warned road-users that sub-standard or incorrect tyres could have serious road safety consequences but the truth is the average Irish motorist doesn’t always give tyres the attention they deserve.

Overlooking your tyres, they say, is a mistake. When it comes to the roadworthiness of your car, and the safety of the people travelling in it, few things are more critical than a good set of properly selected, professionally fitted, correctly inflated tyres.

The AA has advised motorists to check their tyre thread depth regularly and say while the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm in Ireland, this is in fact too low. They recommend changing a tyre when the tread depth is down to 3mm. Most motor factors supply a “Check card” that is like a bookmark that fits into the groove of your tyres and will show how much tyre tread [...]

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This will normally depend on the level of insurance you carry. If you have fully comprehensive insurance, you may be covered to have knocks and bumps repaired but you will need to call your insurance company to establish whether they will pay the costs associated with having repairs carried out cialis online pharmacy.

We offer free estimates and can bill your insurance company directly if you need repairs carried out on your vehicle.

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