Getting ready for your NCT

The NCT is an assessment of vehicle components which are visible and accessible. Vehicles older than four years and younger than 10 years must undergo the test every two years, while cars that are 10 years or older must undergo an annual inspection to ensure their roadworthiness. The test has been designed to to reduce the number of road accidents by pointing out such defects as faulty brakes, worn tyres and defective headlight aim, as well as ensuring enhanced air and environmental quality by reducing exhaust emissions. Getting ready for your NCT can be a daunting task, especially if you have to undertake it each year. The test itself is currently €55, and if your car fails you will need to have it re-tested within 30 days and pay an additional €28. Booking the test can also be a hassle, with long waiting times in many urban areas. The test is compulsory however and failing to display a valid NCT certificate can result in hefty fines. Today, we discuss getting ready for your NCT and how we can help.

getting ready for your nct

Book your car in for a NCT check

If your car is due for its NCT soon, it’s very worthwhile to have your local garage carry out a full NCT check in advance. It will highlight any issues that may need to be resolved before the test, to improve your chances of passing. At New Ireland Motors, we carry out the following checks to help you in getting ready for your NCT:

  • Check all tyres
  • Check oil levels
  • Steering/Suspension/Shocks – check for leaks and wear
  • Brakes Brake hoses and brake lines – check for rust/age/leaks
  • Check horn
  • Check that seat belts and receivers are visible
  • Check wipers
  • Check windows and doors function correctly
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Hub caps removed where necessary
  • Check all bulbs
  • Check headlight alignment
  • Check amber bulbs not faded
  • Check dash warning lights

Our qualified and experienced mechanics carry out these thorough checks to ensure your car is prepared for your NCT and advise if any further work is necessary. Contact us today to find out more!

getting ready for your nct

Getting ready for your NCT with the test checklist

There are also certain stipulations that the NCT service make prior to bringing your car in for the test. Ensure you’ve ticked all of these items off the list to avoid any hassle or arguments at the NCT centre! If you have failed to make any of these preparations, the NCT centre staff may refuse to test your car – so it’s worth your while to take a few moments to get ready.

  • Your car has adequate oil and water.
  • The boot is empty and your vehicle is clear of all valuables and personal belongings.
  • The vehicle is reasonably clean (especially the underbody).
  • The wheel hubcaps are removed (only in the case where wheel nuts are not visible) and the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • The engine is in a fit state to be tested e.g. cam belt / timing belt. You may be asked to sign a disclaimer at the test centre.
  • All seat belts and clips are fully visible (including rear).
  • We also recommend that you have your lights checked and set prior to the NCT.
  • Your Vehicle Registration Book, Registration Certificate or Licensing Certificate is with you when you arrive at the test centre.
  • You bring identification (driving licence) with you on the day of the test. The person who brings the car for inspection brings their identification with them (driving licence) as failure to provide the required identification will result in the vehicle not being issued an NCT certificate at the time of testing.
  • You have your test fee of €55.00, plus any cancellation fee (if applicable) payable by cash, laser card and all major credit cards (excluding American Express).
  • Your vehicle is at a normal operating temperature prior to arriving at the test centre for inspection
  • Your registration plates comply with current regulations.

The above guidelines, along with additional information about the test, can be found here.