Top tips on how to become a Taxi Driver in Dublin

Starting a new career as a taxi driver.

People in Dublin are known for relying on taxi’s to get from one place to another. Therefore drivers are always looking to get involved in the taxi industry.

Whether your a taxi driver looking for the late night party clients or the running late for work clients, be sure to follow the right steps.

New Ireland Motors are experts in renting taxi’s with over 40 years experience in the taxi industry. So here are our top tips on becoming a taxi driver.

Study and Prepare

It may seem obvious but before booking your SPSV entry test be ready. There are many online training courses and books you can buy that will give you everything you need to know for the test. You will need your PPS number and a full Irish drivers license or driving licence from another EU, EEA or other recognised state. The test costs €90 so study and pass first time!

Apply for your SPSV driver’s licenceTaxi driver | New Ireland Motors

After you pass your exam you are NOT sent out your SPSV licence, remember to apply. You need to get a PSV 15/18 application form from your local Garda station and pay your licence fee to the National Transport Authority. After you fill in the PSV 15/18 application form, return it to your local Garda Station along with passport photos.

Check your options

Find out how many hours and what hours your looking to work as a taxi driver. For some people its a full time job while others may only work peak hours/days. Therefore working for a taxi company or as a sole trader may not always be the best option. Renting taxi’s in Dublin is very common and saves the hassle of using your personal car. We offer taxi rentals from just €200 per week and all cars are fully serviced. Find out more HERE.