AA Roadwatch reports dangerous driving conditions

Motorists must drive safe due to icy driving conditions.

Since the start of spring we haven’t seen much sunshine. The weather has been cold, recently we have had snow come and go and driving conditions haven’t been the best.

Last week snow, sleet and hail fell across the country and we might be due more next week. With temperatures looking to drop below zero, AA Roadwatch are warning drivers.

Authorities have warned of dangerous driving conditions in part of the north west, the west and the midlands. Many areas have roads with left over ice and snow so drivers must be aware of the driving conditions and take caution.

There have already been a number of crashes due to the icy roads. Including one at junction 17 Athenry, another in the N65 between Loughrea and the motorway, one on the N4 in Carrick-on-Shannon and two incidents in Tipperary.

Drivers are being asked to make sure their car is fully serviced to ensure your car is safe for the roads. Keep windows clear and make sure you remove any ice or frost before you drive. Don’t let your tires loose their air and keep them pumped up.

Gardaí also advised drivers to be aware of the danger of “sun glare”, which can result in motorists being dazzled by the intensity of low sun on the horizon.

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