Taxi Rental

Need a taxi for rent in the Dublin area?  New Ireland Motors can help If a Taxi for rent in Dublin is something you are looking for, we at New Ireland motors can help.

Zero Emissions Taxis NOW available to rent – We are replacing our taxi fleet with zero emissions vehicles. Fully automatic Brand New MG5 EV Taxis with a combined range of 403KM NOW available to rent.
These rapid charging vehicles can charge from 0 to 80% in just 50 minutes from a 50kW charging point. They are ideal taxis with spacious interiors, colour touch screen, heated seats Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with rear reversing/parking camera and parking sensors. Save money on fuel bills and feel refreshed after your shift. Call today to get on the road.


Email us or call us (01) 816 6666 today for more information.

We have over 40 years experience in the taxi industry, and are arguably the best company in Dublin when you are looking for a Taxi for rent. We always have taxis to rent so drop us a line today.  We have recently added low milege Skoda Octavia diesels to the fleet.We offer predominantly Long term taxi hire with tailored Taxi rental packages for private drivers that includes:

  • Fully PSV’d modern taxis that are passed out and with the meter sealed
  • Fully electric zero emissions and diesel cars for rent
  • Fully automatic and manual taxis
  • Full Maintenance facility
  • Taxi rental vehicle insurance

Are interested in a Taxi to rent in Dublin and want to find out more?

Most of your questions should be answered in our FAQ below:

  • What will I need to rent from you? Proof of taxi insurance (or other insurance), drivers licence, proof of address and your PSV licence.
  • Do I have to drive the Taxi in Dublin? We only offer taxis for rent to drivers from the greater Dublin area.
  • Does your Taxi rental include maintenance? Yes, we have our own maintenance facility on site. All cars are fully serviced and problems are normally fixed within a day. We normally have a spare car in reserve to offer our drivers in case of a break down.
  • Does your Taxi to rent include insurance? No insurance is an additional weekly cost.
  • Are your taxi rent rates negotiable? Unfortunately not
  • Is the car licenced as a Dublin taxi? All of our taxis are licenced to operate as a taxi anywhere in the republic of Ireland.
  • I am looking for a Taxi for rent but I have no previous experience driving a taxi, will you still rent a taxi to me? It depends on whether we can secure insurance at a reasonable rate for you. Insurance on Taxi rental in Dublin has recently become very expensive so all hires are taken on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information.
  • I currently have a Taxi on rent elsewhere, can you offer me a better deal? We’d certainly love to speak to you, drop us a line or fill out the form below to send us an email.
  • Do you only offer long term taxi hire? For us to offer a quality taxi to rent with insurance, we prefer to deal with long term hirers. However, we can facilitate short term hires from time to time.
  • I am looking for short term taxi rental in Dublin, can you help? We don’t specialise in short term rentals, preferring long term taxi hire, however if we have cars available, we are happy to talk to you.
  • I am looking to rent a taxi plate, can you help?. Unfortunately, it is against the NTA rules to  offer a taxi plate for lease, so unfortunately we can not offer this facility.