Pre NCT Check

By booking your car in for a Pre NCT Check you are increasing your chances of your car passing the NCT.

No one likes taking their car for an NCT – it is unfortunately a necessary evil. Why not take some of the stress out of the NCT test and book in with New Ireland Motors for a Pre NCT Check. A Pre NCT Check gets everything ready, giving you a list of things that need to be sorted before the test. See below for our list of what tasks are carried out on your car.

Time, Cost, Inconvenience – these are all words related to a failed NCT test. Why not skip all this and have us give your car a Pre NCT Check.

The Pre NCT Check will be done in a day or in a few hours if you are stuck for time. (Please ensure you book your car in). Our qualified, experienced mechanics will run your car through an extensive check list – to ensure it is in the whole of its health when booking in for the NCT

Below is a full list of what we check when working on your car Pre NCT:

  • Check all tyres
  • Check oil levels
  • Steering/Suspension/Shocks – check for leaks and wear
  • Brakes Brake hoses and brake lines – check for rust/age/leaks
  • Check horn
  • Check that seat belts and receivers are visible
  • Check wipers
  • Check windows and doors function correctly
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Hub caps removed where necessary
  • Check all bulbs
  • Check headlight alignment
  • Check amber bulbs not faded
  • Check dash warning lights

Call us now on (01) 816 6666 and book your car in for a pre NCT check.