Panel Beating

Specialists in crash repairs and panel beating

The art of panel beating helps eliminate the need to replace expensive areas and parts and sculpt these back to their original shape. All of our panel beaters are fully qualified and have many years of experience. Our panel beating techniques can help save you money on repairing your car.

Panel beating is a skill and art which helps bring vehicle bodies back to their showroom state after being damaged. As most car parts and panels are made from various metals including various steels and alloys, plastics, fibreglass and other materials, it is a panel beaters job to reshape, mould or replace these parts to restore your car back to its original condition. Our panel beaters will focus on body work and resprays for your vehicle ensuring your car looks like new again.

Our panel beaters use a variety of tools to repair dents, scratches, bumps, bumper scuffs, broken parts and more on your car, handling all types of major and minor collision damage. All our panel beaters have the comprehensive skill set required for reforming the panelling of your car, with knowledge of all makes and models of car and van.

Our panel beaters use a wide variety of skilful car repair techniques. These car repair techniques can range from planishing, welding, and filling, to name but a few. The majority of more severe accidents sometimes require our panel beaters to repair or realign a section of the panelling. In some cases we may have to replace certain parts.

From the time one of our technicians looks at your car right through to returning your keys we canĀ guarantee that your car is in good hands. All our panel beaters and spray painters are highly skilled and trained to deliver the highest standards every time.

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