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Getting ready for your NCT

How to make sure your car is prepared for the national car test
Image of Crash Repairs for New Ireland Motors Blog
The NCT is an assessment of vehicle components which are visible and accessible. Vehicles older than four years and younger than 10 years must undergo the test every two years, while cars that are 10 years or older must undergo an annual inspection to ensure their roadworthiness. The test has been designed to to reduce the number of road accidents by pointing out such defects as faulty brakes, worn tyres and defective headlight aim, as well as ensuring enhanced air and environmental quality by reducing exhaust emissions. Getting ready for your NCT can be a daunting task, especially if you have to undertake it each year. The test itself is currently €55, and if your car fails you will need to have it re-tested within 30 days and pay an additional €28. Booking the test can also be a hassle, with long waiting times in many urban areas. The test is compulsory however and failing to [...]
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