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driving conditions looking very bad this week, keep safe with New Ireland Motors
Motorists must drive safe due to icy driving conditions.

Since the start of spring we haven’t seen much sunshine. The weather has been cold, recently we have had snow come and go and driving conditions haven’t been the best.

Last week snow, sleet and hail fell across the country and we might be due more next week. With temperatures looking to drop below zero, AA Roadwatch are warning drivers.

Authorities have warned of dangerous driving conditions in part of the north west, the west and the midlands. Many areas have roads with left over ice and snow so drivers must be aware of the driving conditions and take caution.

There have already been a number of crashes due to the icy roads. Including one at junction 17 Athenry, another in the N65 between Loughrea and the motorway, one on the N4 in Carrick-on-Shannon and two incidents in Tipperary.

Drivers are being asked to make sure [...]

Driving safe after dark | New Ireland Motors
Take precautions and drive safe late at night. Driving safe on the road is becoming more difficult as the number of vehicles driving late at night increase.

With more people driving to work in the early morning and back home late at night, driving safe is more important than ever as there are more cars on the road than ever.

Driving safe after dark | New Ireland Motors

The average working person now spends approximately seven hours and 50 minutes traveling every week. This is according to the CSO’s National Travel Survey, which travel patterns across Ireland. So be sure you are driving safe in the dark.

Driving in the dark is already more difficult [...]

Image of Crash Repairs on New Ireland Motors blog
New Ireland Motors wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We hope drivers are extra safe on the roads and avoid any crash repairs over the festive season.

Image of Crash Repairs for New Ireland Motors Blog

Roads become more dangerous during the winter period due to rain and snow. The icy ground causes huge amount of accidents on back roads and main roads. Leading to high volume of crash repairs. Please prepare yourself and be cautious during turns and on roundabouts.


Even Santa’s sleigh has gotten a full service here at New Ireland Motors to prepare for any storm coming his way.

Dublin has one of the highest number of car collisions due to it’s high population but there are a high number of [...]

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